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About Us

Palm Beach Medical Group was founded in 1950 by four physicians who recognized the need for physicians to join together to provide the community high quality healthcare services. Seventy years later, the guiding principles of the founders are still present.

Palm Beach Medical Group is one of the oldest medical group practices in the area, opening its doors to patients in 1950. Its motto, “Quality Healthcare through Teamwork”, underlies the philosophy of its physician members in their care of patients and their professional relationships with other healthcare providers in the local medical community. Because of its reputation, the Palm Beach Medical Group attracts a geographically diverse variety of patients including seasonal visitors from other areas of the country as well as residents from the Bahamas and other Caribbean Islands.

The Group's physicians combine their primary care expertise as board certified internal specialists with those of a local network area sub-specialists to offer patients appropriate and timely medical care. 

Our physicians are published experts in their fields and are experienced researchers.  Laboratory and Pharmacy services are also on the premises.  Palm Beach Medical Group physicians and staff are proud to uphold the founders’ vision to provide "Quality Healthcare Through Teamwork."

In 2006, the Group committed resources to institute, utilize, and maintain an electronic medical record system. Running a paperless medical practice has not only allowed the Group to be proactive with environmentally responsible but has enhanced the day to day care and safety of patients in allowing immediate access to medical information both during and after office hours. Prescriptions are accurately and rapidly transmitted electronically to pharmacies across the county, the state, or across the nation. With Electronic Prescriptions, an addition advance with patient safety.  

Patients with internet access are able to sign in to a secure password protected Patient Portal that enhances how patients communicate with our office and vice-versa.  Through use of the portal, patients can electronically request referrals, prescriptions, and appointments as well as reviewing their own diagnostic lab and x-ray results and account information.

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